My best work

Players standing in a dark room wearing jackets that have glowing LEDs along their backs.


Wireless Wearable Technology Game

A fun, immersive, tag-like game playable by up to 10 people, made possible with the use of wearable technology.

A glowing monitor sits in a dimly lit virtual warehouse control centre with an inviting maze-like puzzle on its screen and an empty chair in front of it.


Virtual Reality Puzzle Game

A virtual reality puzzle game built in Unity and based on the interplay between an in-game monitor and game objects in a warehouse.

A screenshot of a computer desktop with two browser windows open: one showing a Slack conversation, and the other showing a Google Doc.

Auto Changelog Bot

Custom Slack Bot

A custom Slack bot that I created when I worked at Move Your Metal to help speed up the team's workflow.

Blurry blotches of colours are spread across a black 2-D plane, seemingly generated as trails behind little circle-shaped life forms.


Artificial Life Javascript Simulation

An artificial life simulation based on the concepts of groupthink and conformity.

A phone-shaped rectangle with a light blue background colour and an orange border has what looks like an unlabeled bar chart in the same orange colour along its bottom edge.


Data Visualization

A project built in Processing to visually and tonally represent my SMS logs from most of 2015.

A humanoid figure representing Google sits with several other humanoid versions of Google entities atop a platform held up by humanoid versions of Google's advertising companies.

This Is How Google Will Collapse

Medium Article

A piece of creative writing that chronicles the demise of Google in a world where the company collapsed.

Other projects

A hand touching a small enclosed sample of lichen on a white podium.

Neon Blitz

Multiplayer Sports Platformer Game

A competitive, fast-paced, multiplayer PC game built in Unity.

A hand touching a small enclosed sample of lichen on a white podium.


Wireless Component of Interactive Sculpture

The wireless part of a Master of Visual Arts student's thesis project.

Three monitors glow side-by-side in a dark room atop the top layer of a desk with two layers and a glowing strip of red light underneath the top layer.

Custom Desk

Woodworking Project

A computer desk that I designed, cut, and built to fit in my bedroom.

About fifty little circle-shaped eyeball-looking creatures are moving through a dark 2D space, leaving trails of varying shades and thicknesses of green in their wake.

Wispy Lineage

Artificial Life Javascript Simulation

An artificial life simulation based loosely on the process of mitosis.

An IKEA POANG chair with a dark brown leather cushion and an armrest added to its right arm. The armrest is shaped sort of like a paddle, extending about a half foot to the right of the chair, with a small lip and a flat section carved out of its surface to hold things. Inside the armrest's carved out surface, there is a glass of water, a phone, a PS4 controller, and a TV remote.

Custom Armrest

Woodworking Project

A customized armrest that adds functionality to a basic IKEA chair.

A small yellow and red robot with wheels and a plastic cover sits on the floor, connected via a USB cable to a laptop that is displaying a tweet.


Twitter-Controlled Robot

A robot that reacts to tweets sent to its Twitter handle.

A large wooden podium structure with a square hole on each coner and a panel in the middle.


RFID-triggered Podium

A podium that loosely mimics the concept of memory, reacting to objects placed on its glowing panel.

Pieces of coloured clay are scattered around a carpet, with a white circle in the middle being the biggest.

Fire Escape

Official Music Video

The official music video for the song "Fire Escape" by Sounds Under Radio.

A boy is looking out of a car window toward a waterfront. The camera is being held out of the back seat of the car, and the car is driving along a lakeshore road.

Keep the Car Running

Music Video

A music video for the song Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire.

A school stands against a blue sky, and the sign reads 'Leaside High School.'

Talk To Someone

Mental Health Awareness Competition Entry

A mental health awareness video that I shot and edited.

Tile samples in a sort of snowflake shape on a carpet.


Stop Motion Animation

A stop motion animation that I created with some tile samples I found on the side of the road.

A mape of the USA shows all of the states in varying shades of red. A scale along the bottom shows a scale of fatalities from white (50) to red (4300). California, Texas, and Florida are the darkest reds.

Car Crash Data

Data visualization

An interactive map for looking at the number of fatal car accidents in America. The data can be browsed by year, state, and category.

Some paper flowers stand in a garden of gears, glowing red, seemingly mocking the colour of a visitor's shirt.


Phyiscal Computing Project

A robotic garden that reacts to its audience's appearance.