The Article

This is the cover image my friend Mandela made for the article. I gave her a rough idea of what I wanted to convey and she made it look awesome. If you're reading this and considering hiring her to do some work for you, do it.

Here is the article.


Why I Wrote This

I wrote this piece to challenge the seemingly-commonplace perception that Google is invincible. I'll state here for the record that I love Google. I use multiple Google products every day and I think it's one of the coolest companies on the planet.

The Response

As you can see if you read some of the comments on the article, some people got very defensive and reacted as though I had personally insulted them by writing such nonsense. Others sounded like they were about to short Google stock, and some sounded like they were typing with the one hand that wasn't clutching a torch ready to be thrown on Google's ashes.

Gaining Traction on Medium

When I first posted the article, it didn't gain a ton of traction. After a couple days, it started to pick up a bit, and then the editor in chief of Startup Grind (the fourth biggest publication on Medium at the time) saw the story, and wrote me a nice note inviting me to publish it under Startup Grind. After it was posted on Startup Grind, the article gained a lot of traction, and spent several days in the top 10 list.